mercredi 11 février 2009


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A Reason
(L.Dapélo, G.Sampieri, L.Orthlieb)

there should be colours
there should be a reason

got myself into a situation
where i feel so tucked paralysed in motion
everything keeps on moving towards the sun
but i can t even see or feel it on my skin
there are millions of escapes but i can t decide
which one should be chosen to save my mind
so I stay there thinking of the past
instead of moving forward
well i m safe at last

there should be colours
but it s only black and white
there should be a reason
instead of questions and lies

break into myself just to get it right
so many corners well it s a dead end fight
counting the mistakes i might understand
but it s all so real and cutting my hands
got myself into a situation, and only getting worse hope for a vision
it s spinning out of control, it s spinning out of my hands
i m trying so hard bt it s all in vain

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