mardi 24 février 2009

REDLIGHT RECORDING SESSIONS#18 : «Monday Says» (démo)…

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Londres a dit…

Monday Says

Monday says, start a new week
take decisions follow actions
through willingness try to seek
salvation and ignition
the fire s been burning for so long
still you can t find the answer
you stay silent it s been years
monday still says

make yourself new
and act on it
prepare yourself to fight all week
engage the battle with all your strengh
nothing can beat you if you keep the faith

there might be times where you can sleep
endless nights and poison tricks
but there s so much more you can dream
and monday still says

Copyright RedLight

Manu a dit…

Oula ! Ca fait un bail que je suis pas passé par là !
Chouette plein de nouveau titres à écouter ;)

J'ai pas trop accroché avec celui-ci.