mercredi 28 janvier 2009


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Anonyme a dit…

(L.Dapélo, G.Sampieri, L.Orthlieb)

Casanova's smiling
his eyes on his prey
his moves gentle and behaved
he knows when to strike
Casanova stares at
the lady in blue
she's already his
taken into his trap
he takes her hand
and leads her outside
breath her perfume
can smell the desire
Casanova's leaving
the woman still naked
waiting for a goodbye kiss
that she will never have

(crush the hearts, steal their soul, empty them, breath them all)
he crawls into the night

Casanova's breathing
as long as he can smile
as long as he can fool
those goddess in disguise
he takes them by the hand
and leads them to hell
painted as paradise
but it's too late for them

Copyright RedLight

Redmat a dit…

Et alors ? Il est où le texte de présentation du morceau par Dapé ?
Il s'est défilé ? ;)