mardi 3 mars 2009

REDLIGHT RECORDING SESSIONS#20 : «Little Demons» (démo)…

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Anonyme a dit…

Little Demons (and creatures)

Won by an hunger to step aside and wait
there s a little something shinning above
on the ligntening state

Betting you cant wait just in there for too long
i m sure that if I blink an eye
you will already be long gone

noone will ever know if your eyes were for real
except for the little demons and creatures
you can t feel

i m here sitting quiet just in front of the door
that you will close so fast
and I ll be there waiting for more

Can t really catch a glimpse
can t really move an inch
you re like an old puppet that noone can stich

this closet feels insecure with all the lights turned on
just in case, you will hide in there and put the curtains on

Maybe it ll stay inside and wait another day
before jumping out of there and still crunch you anyway

Copyright RedLight

Anonyme a dit…

ahaha!!! enfin... depuis le temps que je l'attendais!
attention aux affreux monstres du placard!

"you re like an old puppet that noone can stich"
best lyrics ever!!

Manu a dit…

Très bien celle la !
J'aime beaucoup la construction globale, en particulier l'intro qui laisse arriver la musique ensuite.