jeudi 5 mars 2009

REDLIGHT RECORDING SESSIONS#21 : «Still The One» (démo)…

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Anonyme a dit…

Still the one

seems that years have gone by tearing us apart
there might be an image of us long gone in the dark
we changed so much estranged forever
can you tell me why i m still counting the hours

later, i still think that later we ll be together
but is this just a wish or a dying whisper
and if i m just noone or just a past feeling
would you for a moment remember our story

seasons and years dusting our hearts
moving on and killing the last memories
cries and laughters bleeding all the sorrows
thinking love is out there but you re still the one
(don t let our hearts fade away)

Copyright RedLight

Manu a dit…

Je trouve celle ci très bien aussi, très agréable à écouter.
Je la choisirais pas en priorité pour le prochain album mais elle peut y avoir sa place.