mercredi 11 mars 2009

REDLIGHT RECORDING SESSIONS#22 : «Road to the In Between» (démo)…

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Anonyme a dit…

Road to the In between

Last time I saw you hard was the fall
deep was the pain to learn it all through the years
sorry did not want did not learn
how to stop to love you
how to silence my heart
see you as a stranger
the one i cannot meet
the one who s far away
who forgot where i sit
is so impossible but concrete as a wall
and yes it matters to me you don t answer my calls
i ve tried to talk, tried to be silent
expecting reactions, could you wait a second
but nothing came so i got angry
saying things that did not existed in me
now that i m in the in between
after losing you how could i cure those ruins
one after the other exploding in my head
if i m the only one then i m better off dead

catch my hand my love, dive in my dreams and you will see

i ve cleared my mind, threw it all away
you re behing or after and i m here to stay
i know i ll wait for you even if i lose time
there s nothing I can do other than dream you re mine
i can see from where i stand
i see your hands and eyes for another man
how could i make you understand
i ll wait for you even if it s in vain

let me create tales and tell you all the angels smiles
we could if only you would open your heart to mine
travel with the stars, i m the one with the eyes
where you can see yourself as a beautiful angel

copyright RedLight

Manu a dit…

J'aime bien le thème au synthé en fond, qui est lent et qui donne une ambiance sympa (ça me rappelle dead can dance). Mais bizarrement la chanson dans son ensemble est un peu uniforme. C'est dommage.